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There are very few decisions as important and life-changing as buying property. There are so many variables, to take into account, and such a wide variety of factors when coming to that final decision. This makes finding the right real estate agency one of the most pivotal moments in most peoples lives. Property buyers really have to put a lot of trust and faith in their chosen real estate company, likewise homeowners need to trust their broker with their lives, after all your home is an extension of your life.

In an increasingly digital and technological modern landscape, it would seem that the human touch is lacking in so many facets of society. This correlates to the real estate industry as well, where many brands are opting to prioritise technology over kindness and understanding. This is why more than ever people are looking to buy a property from real estate agencies that still treasure community and one on one attention to detail and support.


This is the mandate of Vans and Resà Realty, we have based our ethos off these principles. This does not mean that we are not also willing to use technology, however, it is not our primary method and in this, we have created an agency, firmly based around people instead of the ever increasing cyber landscape.

Gbemileke and her team have flourished in the property market due to the core values and business ethics they practise.


We Sell Lifestyle, not just properties

Gbemileke Banjo

At Vans and Resà Realty, we are dedicated to creating more than just a property agency but a lifestyle, allowing you to live your best life. Lagos is often awarded numerous accolades for being one of Africa’s leading cities. This has created a lifestyle that rivals some of the world’s most breathtaking and regarded locations. It is of utmost importance to Vans and Resà that lifestyles are created in one of the jewels of Africa. With Vans and Resà Realty this dream is easily obtainable, with your particular requirements being our priority.


“Live your best life with Vans and  Resà Realty”

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Name: Gbemileke Banjo Phone/WhatsApp:+234-8064980990 instagram:@vans.and.resa email:banjo@vansndresa.com


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Name: Olasunkanmi Seriki Phone/WhatsApp:+234-8149654138 instagram & twitter : @vr_airbnb email:olasunkanmi@vansndresa.com


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Name : Gbemi Banjo Phone/WhatsApp:+27-603984304 Instagram:@vr_sellingsa Email:gbemi@aidamidrand.co.za